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The Alvis Car History is produced by the Alvis Owner Club and contains a wealth of information about Alvis and the models it built since the very beginning, in 1919. To view the car lists and individual car details you need to be a member of the Alvis Owner Club. Click here to find out more about becoming a member.

The Alvis Car History site is managed by nominated Model Secretaries of the Alvis Owner Club as part of our mandate to record the history and heritage of the Alvis Marque. As part of our educational remit everyone can enjoy reading about the various Alvis models produced during the marque's illustrious history.  Members of the Alvis Owner Club can drill into the system to view the chassis lists and details of individual cars.

The Alvis Car History application will continue to evolve as more information is added and becomes available.  We encourage owners and AOC Members to suggest changes to the information about a specific model or car  It is our goal to record as much as possible and about as many cars as possible.  If you have photos and information about any Alvis model, please send the information to your appropriate Model Secretary.

Check back frequently to see what's new.

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