TB21 Description

With an eye on the American market, between 1951 and 1953 Alvis offered the TB21, a sporting 2 seater touring version, bodied by AP Metalcraft. This was expediently created by modifying the older TB14 body to fit the newer TA21 chassis, though mechanical changes slightly improved performance, and both single and twin carburettor variants were built. Most of the few that were made were exported.

The Alvis TB21 produced by Alvis cars was a two-seater open car based on the running gear of the TA21 saloon and made only in 1951.

Alvis had previously contracted AP Metalcraft, a Coventry coachbuilder, to produce the TB14 two door open car body to fit on the TA14 chassis. With the replacement of the TA14 by the larger TA21 in 1950, AP were asked to modify their design for the new running gear. The TB21 dropped the controversial grille used on the TB14 in favour of the traditional Alvis one. The doors, rear hinged, were heavily cut away at the top and the windscreen could be folded flat.

The 2993 cc engine was slightly modified to produce 90 bhp (67 kW) with a single SU carburettor replacing the Solex one used on the saloon. The TA21 suspension was retained, independent at the front using coil springs with leaf springs at the rear. As the car was lighter than the TA21 the final drive ratio was changed from 4.09:1 to 3.77:1 helping to increase the top speed and improving economy.

The car could reach 95 mph (153 km/h) but was very expensive at £1598 on the home market resulting in limited sales.
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