TF21 Description

Alvis had merged with the Rover car company in 1965 during the production run of the TE model, and although the two firms had worked on various projects, as far as the general public was aware ,the only fruit of this union appeared with the launch of the Alvis TF model in 1966 at the Geneva Motor Show when the Rover P6 instrument binnacle  was used; and finally the main instruments were placed directly in front of the driver. The new dashboard also had additional switches for  the heated rear window and spot lights fitted as standard.

Externally the only distinguishing feature were the polished headlight surrounds, in contrast to the TE colour coded surrounds. The major difference lay under the bonnet where the 3 litre straight six Alvis engine now had triple SU HD6 carburettors on a water heated inlet manifold which with its larger air filters now required a cut out in the inner wing. The cylinder head was again modified and the cam profiles altered. These modifications now enabled the car to achieve the 100 mph in the days when speed was a major selling point. A supplementary electric thermostatically controlled fan was now fitted. The newer and lighter ZF S-5-20 was fitted to the 37 manual cars produced with its short gear lever contrasting with the slender lever fitted to the S-5-17 box of the TE. As with the TE the TF was available as saloon or drop-head and Herman Graber also produced 5 of the 106 cars produced. These were the last passenger vehicles made by Alvis.

(New Alvis cars are now being produced thanks to the enterprise of Red Triangle).

TF21 Saloon

Launched in March 1966; production ceased in September 1967. Body made by Mulliner Park Ward and almost identical to the TE21, it was a four seater two door car with an Alvis chassis, suspension and three litre engine. Available with either the ZF manual gearbox or the Borg Warner automatic gearbox. Wire wheels were a factory option but by now powers steering, spot lights, and electric radiator fan were standard on most cars, as was a heated rear window.

TF21 Drophead

Two door, four seater body made by Mulliner Park Ward to a modified Graber design, on an Alvis chassis and suspension with the three litre six cylinder Alvis engine. Wire wheels were a factory option and it was available with either the ZF five speed S 5-20 manual gearbox or the Borg Warner automatic gearbox. Made from 1966 to 1967, out of the total TF21 Alvis production run, twenty were this DHC version.

TF21 Graber

A total of 100 Alvis built TF21 cars were made; but Herman Graber of Bern Switzerland was supplied with six chassis’ by Alvis on which he built his own original designs; each one being unique. (Only one other TF was ever exported).  Fittingly, a series of beautiful cars that  began with Graber’s  two 1955 prototypes ended with chassis 27475 clothed with a Craber cabriolet  body.

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