TE21 Description

The Alvis TE21 was launched in 1963 and continued in production until 1966. Mechanically it was very similar to the preceding TD21. The three litre straight  six Alvis engine with twin SU carburettors,had an improved cylinder head and exhaust manifold giving an increase in both power and torque with a corresponding uprated clutch in manual cars which now featured the ZF 5 speed gearbox. ZF also supplied the power steering which was now a very popular optional extra fitted to over half of the 352 cars produced. The automatic gearbox option continued to be the Borg-Warner unit.

The interior had a few minor changes: rear seat now had an arm-rest and the ash-trays moved from the doors to the leather covered dash. It was, however, the exterior that showed the biggest and most obvious change; whereas most British cars of the period using the four head-light arrangement chose a horizontal lay-out, Alvis and their body builder Mulliner Park Ward opted for vertical stacked lights a la Mercedes, giving the dar a very dramatic look. The spot-lights now became optional and mounted on the front bumper valance and their place in the nose of the car taken by oval air vents. It was available in salonn or drop-head and Herman Graber, the man who was responsible not only for the basic styling of the TD and TE, but also for engineering a more rigid chassis to body construction, also produced twelve unique cars.  With the manual gearbox and PAS this is a practical everyday car, whether cruising on the motorway or driving arrond town.

TE21 Saloon

A four seater two  door saloon with bodywork constructed by Mulliner Park Ward, based on a design by Graber of Switzerland. and with an Alvis chassis, suspension and three litr engine. Built from 1964 to 1966. Power steering and wire wheels were factory options and it came with an automatic (Borg Warner) or ZF 5 speed manual gearbox.

TE21 Drophead

Bodywork built by Mulliner Park Ward to a Graber based design, on an Alvis chassis, with the three litre Alvis engine. A four seater two door car with either a Borg Warner automatic or ZF S 5-17  manual gearbox. Wire wheels and power steering were factory options and ninety were built.

TE21 Graber

Although Graber of Switzerland produced the two original prototypes commissioned by Alvis in 1955 on which the three litre Mulliner Park Ward cars are based, he continued to build his own cars on chassis’ supplied by Alvis and in fact bodied twelve out of a total of eighteen Alvis TE21 cars exported. Each car was an original design and mainly supplied to established customers in Switzerland. They came in both saloon and cabriolet format.

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