TD21 Series II

TD21 Series II Description

The Series 11 was introduced early in 1962. Externally the oblong air intakes in the front panel of the Series 1 were replaced by larger round ones with the spot and fog lamps recessed within, air entering through a gap in the periphery. At the rear the inset number plate and reversing lights arrangement was simplified with the plate and lights fixed directly to the rear panel. Mechanically the disc/drum brakes were replaced by discs on all four wheels using the Dunlop system.  Late in 1962 Alvis began fitting the 5 speed ZF gearbox instead of the BMC 4 speed one, but it appears that it took some time before the latter was completely phased out. The Borg-Warner Type 35 automatic gearbox had been available throughout production.

Production continued until late 1963 when the TE 21 took over.

TD21 Series II Saloon

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TD21 Series II Drophead

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TD21 Series II Graber

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